Friday, August 21, 2009

How to Install Mac OS (iAtkos 1.4) on Dell Studio XPS 16

Hi, I got a Dell Studio XPS 16. After long sleepless nights, I have finally installed Mac OS on my lappy, though few told me that your laptop is incompatible. So in case if you have Dell Studio XPS 16, then follow the steps below to successfully install iAtkos 1.4 (Mac OS distro).

Step 1: Boot from the DVD and Press F8

Step 2: Now try cpus=1 -v ; cpus=1 indicates referring to the core 1 of your CPU and -v means verbose

Step 3: Now when the installation screen appears, click on Utilities and then go to disk utility

Step 4: Now Format the partition as Mac Extended Journaled, note: Make sure that you create a partition using Windows, else you wont be able to see the free space in mac..

Step 5: Now select the partition which you have created.. make sure you dont create 2 Partitions with filesystem as Mac Extended Journaled

Step 6: Click on Customize the check those which are mentioned below:

Base Installation:
BootLoader - chameleon v1
Apple Decrypt
9.7.0 Kernel
Remove TyMCE
VGA - Intel
Intel SpeedStep - both
Voodoo HDA
Voodoo PS/2
Laptop Battery
Network BrodCom578x - needs patch see below
Post Install

Step 7: Now let the Mac OS X get installed on your system

Step 8: Once the Mac OS is installed... your system will reboot... now again set the boot parameter as cpus=1 -v -x; where -x stand for safe mode.. This because ATI Mobility HD 3670 is not supported by Mac might see a scrambled screen on normal boot...

Step 9: Now you will have to enter few details and finally you will reach the Mac Desktop

Step 10: Now the real thing starts. Now go to System/Library/Extensions and delete all the kexts files related to ATI. since this kexts are loaded whenever you boot the System.

Step 11: Go to
and download all the files attached..dont install them now...will let you know

Step 12: Download Driver from here

Step 13: For Ethernet Drivers download this file

Step 14: For install Kexts download from here

Step 15: Now you can install them...This should get you working... In fact the only things that don't work are the ATI card and the WiFi 1500.
You will have a functioning system.

If you face any difficulty.... please comment me.. will try to help you out.. Tested with iAtkos only

I have successfully updated 10.5.6 to 10.5.8 with all the Mac Softwares running smoothly..

Now let me S|33p :P


  1. Very good man
    It works !!!! :)

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  3. After all the drivers (be nice if there was a procedure to install them) are installed, do we have to launch safe mode all the time? (10.5.7)

  4. whats about the resolution? is there anyway full hd possible?

  5. there any images or screenshots available during the installation ? and what about wifi ? any progress ?

  6. I have Dell studio xps 16 with core i7 processor and ati 4670 what to do?

  7. have you tried snow leopard?
    is any chance there with video card?

  8. tnx .it helped after fukin 1 year ..tnx mate

  9. Sorry guyz for the late reply...

    Wifi is still under progress..

    and i am trying to make Snow Leopard work on my system... once its done..will surely let u know..

    ATI graphic card drivers are still not available for Mac OSX

    we have to wait for it...

    If u find ny update... plz post

    thanks a lot

  10. thank god! Shwet oollo is still alive...

    i think every1 got their answers from other places....

  11. Can you help me? I want install iatkos v7 on dell studio xps 1640. my email: I installed once but error. Error is firewire GUID 000... invalid. Can you show me step by step. and better you can upload clip or picture or send mail to me. Thanks!!!

    1. me too, my email is


  12. Hi, great tutorial, one question, I have bridged the wireless and ethernet connections on my netbook and connected my iatkos laptop to my netbook with an ethernet cable. The internet works fine using win7 but using the exact same network settings in mac i get no connectivity... mac can see the ip address of my netbook however. Any ideas?


  13. can someone post the link to download iatkos 1.4 plz

  14. thnx bloke i did it on an external drive and its working perfectly except wifi

  15. Greta post! It worked for me (y)